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Several Japanese makers made slide rules that were sold under a wide variety of brand names in different countries. Relay-Ricoh was one such maker and Fuji was another. The latter made slide rules sold under the Jakar name in the UK. Japanese maker Concise was one of the largest makers of circular slide rules and still makes them.
Jakar No. 29 Student Log Log ten inch open frame plastic slide rule. This simplex rule has the following scales: L,K,A{B,C1,C}D,S,T//{S,LL1,LL2,LL3}. It also has inch and cm rulers on the reverse. It is complete with flexible plastic table strip and green & white plastic case. It was made by Fuji, probably in the 1970s.
Unbrako promotional slide rule. Closed frame, plastic, with scales:A{B,C1,C}D,K//{S,L,T}. It is complete with a gray vinyl case. It appears to be a Kutsuwa No. FN401.
Another promotional rule, this time for UOP-KAVAG GmbH. This is a Concise Type E combined circular slide rule and conversion slide chart. The scales are: D{C,C1,A,K}. The conversion chart covers “weight”, “length”, “square” (area) and “cubic & capacity”.. It is complete with vinyl slip case and instruction booklet.
Concise Type 28N circular slide rule, promotional for Barlow Myers. The scales are: D{C,C1,A,K}. Diameter 3.3 inches. It is complete with vinyl slip case and instruction booklet.
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Hope No. 59 plastic, five inch, closed frame slide rule with reversible slide. It has a vinyl slip case. The scales are: in\LL3,LL2,A{B,C1,C}D,K,LL1//{T2,T1,L,S}.
Hope No. 51 plastic, ten inch, closed frame slide rule. It has a blue/clear vinyl case. The scales are: S,K,A{B,C1,C}D,L,T.
Ricoh eight inch bamboo & celluloid No. 82 students slide rule. It has a blue/clear vinyl case and  its original clear plastic sleeve with Ricoh on it. Scales are: A{B,C1,C}D,K//{S,L,T}. Originally priced at 19s 11d (on the rule back and on the case) its price was reduced to 10 shillings on the case. 1960s.
Helix A102S plastic 10” open frame slide rule. Scales are K,S,A{B,C1,C}D,T,L. It has an instruction leaflet and originally had a clear/blue vinyl wallet.
Promotional slide rule for Stephen Ransom Inc issued for their 100th anniversary in ship repairs, 1966. Appears to be another Kutsuwa. Same body centre and slide as the one above but with extensions for cm and in rulers. Very similar gray vinyl case with Stephen Ransom Inc, etc printed on it.
Concise No 260 circular duplex slide rule made in Japan. It has a brown, PVC slip case. Scales are: D{C,C1,A,K,L}//D{S,T1,T2,ST}. Diameter 3.7”.

Regal No A.13 plastic 10” closed frame slide rule. Scales are cm\LL2,A{B,C}D,LL3. It is missing a cursor.