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I have learnt much of what I know about old instruments & tools from my collection of catalogues and brochures. Besides the originals described below I have a number of photocopies (Halden 1902 and 1910; Thornton 1895; Threadwell pre & post WWII), and also some leaflets from A West, W F Stanley, Standardgraph, Rotring and Addiator. Please contact me  if you would like details of particular items from these catalogues. I will email scans of relevant pages (but not whole sections or catalogues).
Allott Jones & Co Ltd, Pall Mall, Liverpool, “Drawing Office Supplies”
Undated, comparing prices with other catalogues suggests it is about 1930.
Small 4to, 43 pages
Blundell Harling Ltd, Regulus Works, Lynch Lane, Weymouth, UK, “General Catalogue”
January 1980.
4to, 36 pages
Bausch & Lomb Optical Co, Rochester, NY, “Microscopes and other Scientific Instruments”
8vo, 318 pages
C F Casella & Co Ltd, Regent House, Fitzroy Square, London W1, “Surveying & Drawing Instruments and Appliances.” Catalogue no 564,
8vo, 260 pages
Eugene Dietzgen Co, “Drafting & Surveying Supplies.”
8vo, 496 pages

With Price List no 13, August 1928
James Dinsdale Ltd, New Station Street, Leeds 1, “A Catalogue of Drawing Instruments & Materials.”
September 1960
8vo, 52 pages
B K Elliott Co, Pittsburgh, Pa “Drawing Materials and Surveying Instruments” 6
8vo, 436 pages

With price list for catalog 6, Nov 1938
and Discount Sheet effective July 1943
Friedmann Bros Drawing Instrument Co, New York, “Precision”
Pen dated “received 1-16-39”
8vo, 54 pages

With price list No 2, March 1, 1935,
Pen dated as above.
Esmond Hellerman Ltd, Sunbury on Thames, Middlesex, “Modern Drawing Equipment”
8vo, 140 pages

With supplementary pages, trade price list for Sept 1964, and notice of temporary import charge dated Nov 1964.
Instruments Limited, Canada, “Catalogue No 47”
Undated, but 1947
8vo, 364 pages
Keuffel & Esser Co, New York, 37th Edition.
January 1928
8vo, 548 pages

I also have an incomplete 1936 38th edition.
K&E Catalog 41st Edition Part 1.
“Drafting and Reproduction Equipment and Materials Slide Rules”
October 1949
8vo, 256 pages
MDS, London, “Surveying & Drawing Instruments”
March 1940
8vo, 44 pages
New York Blue Print Paper Co “Catalogue of Drawing Materials & Engineering Instruments”, Volume 10, February 1916.

12mo, 400 pages
18th edition catalog of the Frederick Post Co, Dependable Drawing Materials Sensitised Papers and Cloths Engineering Instruments and Supplies.
January 1936
8vo, 416 pages

With Price List No 18, May 1, 1940
Rotring “precision without compromise”
4to, 32 pages

With Recommended retail price list 1st February 1979 for Rotring Technical Drawing Equipment, and Rotring Isograph F drawing pen leaflet
(All printed in Germany for UK market)
W F Stanley & Co Ltd, London, England, 29th “K” edition, Drawing Instruments, 1912
12mo, 112 pages

With list of “Revised Prices, November 1918”

I also now have the full ‘K’ edition of 360 pages covering surveying & optical instruments as well.
Stanley, London, 33rd “A” edition catalogue
8vo, 392 pages

With November 1958 price list and leaflets for Draftmaster Parallel Motion Unit, Popular Levelling Outfit, Optical Mean-Reading Level, and A1 Optical Micrometer Theodolite.
The International Correspondence Schools, Scranton, Pa, Illustrated Catalogue and Price List Drawing Instruments and Appliances, Drawing Papers and Materials, Surveying Instruments, Mining Instruments, Anemometers, Safety Lamps, Etc
8vo, 76 pages
Undated, pre WWI
Schrell & Brock, New York, General Catalog of Drawing Materials, Architects, Engineers and Surveyors Supplies.
First Edition
8vo, 176 pages
A G Thornton, Ltd, Manchester “Drawing Surveying & Scientific Instruments and Drawing Office Materials, Edition D, 1916
8vo, 448 pages
A West & Partners Ltd, 36 Broadway, London SW1, Section 2, Drawing Instruments and Materials
8vo, 238 pages

With Price List no 1 section 2, March 1953
A West & Partners Ltd, Uno Pen Stencils and Accessories, 8vo, 56 pages, with Jan 1st 1953 price list and three leaflets for templates.
Keuffel & Esser Co, Leroy Lettering Equipment, 8vo, 37 pages, 1960.

I also have a 1962 catalogue (same cover) in which the numbering system for K&E products has changed. It includes a list of equivalent old and new numbers for Leroy items.
B J Hall & Co, London,  Section No. 1, Mathematical Drawing Instruments, 8vo, 67 pages, with 1935 amendments pasted in.
Many of the instruments shown were made by A G Thornton, C Riefler or W H Harling.
W H Harling Ltd, Catalogue of Mathematical Drawing & Surveying Instruments, 8vo, 132 pages, September 1930
1913 Keuffel & Esser catalogue of drawing and surveying instruments and materials. 8vo. 34th edition. Comprehensive 566 page catalogue
A West & Partners Ltd, 36 Broadway, Westminster, London SW1 catalogue of surveying instruments, drawing instruments and materials, etc. 8vo. 1930 edition updated with new prices 1935. 251 pages include  nearly 30 pages of tables at the back such as logarithms, trig tables, British Standard sections and constants.
Aristo 1955 catalogue of Slide Rules and Drafting  Instruments. 40 pages, 8vo.
J Halden & Co Ltd,
8 Albert Square, Manchester.
Drawing Instruments, Surveying  Instruments, Drawing Office Materials, etc.
257 pages, 8vo
H Cole Co., Columbus, Ohio Catalogue No.
4-D Drafting and Blue Printing Instruments, Equipment and Supplies.
126 pages, 8vo
1920s probably

Includes Richter and Schoenner drawing instruments.
Gebr. Wichmann Haupt-Katalog 20th edition, Berlin, 1939
778 pages 8vo

Drawing instruments and equipment, surveying instruments.

Includes some Richter and Riefler drawing instruments and Ott planimeters and integrators. In German.
A G Thornton Ltd. Mathematical Drawing Instruments Catalogue, 1930
80 pages, 8vo

Metal instruments only
Anleitung zum Gebrauch des Rechenstabes, Gebr. Wichmann.

32 page, 4to booklet containing slide rule instructions and 15 page catalogue of slide rules, drawing instruments, etc.

Early 20th century
Katalog der Prazisions Reisszeugfabrik
E O Richter & Co

143 pages large 8vo

Also 1928 price list and new vs. Old catalogue numbers booklet
Bayerische Reisszeugfabrik AG, vorm. Eichmuller & Co., Preisliste Ausgabe 1929

104 pages 4to 1929  Ecobra catalogue.

Also 1932 price list and leaflets
A G Thornton Ltd. Mathematical Drawing Instruments Minerva and B E Series, 1938
8vo, 48 Pages
Keuffel & Esser Drawing Instruments and Materials for High Schools Preparatory Schools and Manual Training Schools, 1936
8vo, 117 pages.

Also May 1937 price list
Standardgraph Catalogue 75
4to, 36 pages

Pens, templates and some drawing instruments.
A Catalogue of Surveying, Engineering and Drawing Office Requisites.
J V Navlakhi & Co., 533 Kalbadevi Road, Bombay

W F Stanley and A W Faber-Castell agents

8vo, 172 pages
Probably 1940s
Illustrated Catalogue Mining, Surveying, Mathematical, Drawing, Optical and Scientific Instruments manufactured by T B Winter & Son, Opticians

8vo, 64 pages

August 1889
Watts Surveying and Engineeering Instruments and Drawing Office Supplies

8vo, 150 pages

ca. 1927
Hughes Owens Catalogue No. 37

catalogue of drawing and surveying instruments, etc

8vo, 262 pages


1937 price list in back pocket
Moore & Wright British Precision Engineer’s Tools List No. 36
November 1936

8vo, 160 pages
Buck & Hickman Ltd General List of Tools & Supplies for all Mechanical Trades


8vo, 1231 pages

I also have the 1935 catalogue
Norton & Gregory  Ltd. Section III Drawing Appliances and Section IV Drawing Materials

August 1938
Large 8vo’
Pages 145 to 295
New York Blue Print Paper Co. Catalogue

8vo, 384 pages
Charles Bruning 13th edition  catalogue

8vo, 388 pages

March 1942 price list in pocket inside back cover
W F Stanley U edition catalogue

Ca. 1946

12mo, 377 pages

Paper covers, very thin ‘utility’ paper pages, small print
W F Stanley P edition catalogue


12mo, 448 pages

Paper covers, small print

Also 1936 revised price list
A Lietz Co Catalog
LR45 Drawing Instruments & Supplies


8vo, 120 pages

Soft covers

Hughes Owens ‘58 catalogue


8vo, 328 pages

Halden ‘Jaywess’ drawing instruments


8vo, 4fold leaflet

Plus 1937 prices amendment
B Charles Roff & Co, Leeds, “Everything for the Modern Drawing Office” catalogue of drawing office supplies, etc.

1965, soft covers

US 4to, 109 pages

Plus price list and a leaflet on dyeline printing machines
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Gurley’s Manual

42nd edition, 1908
Small 8vo, 470 pages

Last 220 pages are a catalogue of drawing and surveying instruments.

I have a later manual but the later ones do not contain a catalogue
Rowney Artists Materials 1979

Small 8vo, 96 pages

Mainly paints, paint boxes, and painting accessories
Harper & Tunstall Ltd 1930s catalogue with 1937revised price list.

8vo, 104 pages

Drawing instruments & slide rules.

Mainly a retailer of Thornton & other makes
Lawes Rabjohns Technical Catalogue Section 3 Drawing Instruments

8vo, 120 pages

Technical Catalogue \no. 303, Spring 1954

A retailer of Thornton, Harling and Lee Guiness instruments
Waterlow & Sons Ltd Artists’ Drawing Materials catalogue
Section F

Large 8vo, 32 pages


Good drawing instrument section
Jackson Bros Ltd. Armley, Leeds
Price List of Improved Requisites for Technical and Art Students and Draughtsmen

8vo, 32 pages

Ca. 1950
ICS Catalogue of Technical Supplies specially selected for the use of ICS students

Small 8vo, 24 pages

May 1950

Drawing instruments, slide rules, etc
Allott Jones & Co Ltd. Liverpool catalogue of drawing office supplies

8vo, 192 pages
January 1960

Good drawing instrument sections (Harling, Riefler & Kern instruments)

1960 price list in pocket
Kuffel & Esser Co catalogue

8vo, 475 pages

John Hall (Tools) Ltd. Hand and Machine Tools

4to, 680 pages

Lee Guiness brochure

6 fold leaflet, printed both sides, large 8vo when folded


Plus 1957 price list
Moore & Wright catalogue

8vo, 165 pages

April 1952
Baird & Tatlock (London) Ltd Scientific Instruments & Apparatus

4to, 767 pages

All sorts of laboratory & school apparatus
Catalogue of Optical Lanterns, Lantern Accessories, Slides and Kinematograph Films
Gardner & Co

8vo, 204 pages
Surveyor’s Levels
Cooke Troughton & Simms

8vo, 20 pages

+ 1957 price list
+ levelling staves supplement
1970 Drawing and Surveying Instruments Catalogue No 9

Holmes Bros (Leyton) Ltd

A4, 32 pages

Mainly drawing boards and levelling staves
S700 Self-aligning Level
Cooke, Troughton & Simms

Brochure CS700B

8vo, 12 pages
S500 Geodetic Level
Cooke, Troughton & Simms

Brochure CS500

8vo, 16 pages
Watts Autoset Level 1
Hilger & Watts

Brochure CS153

8vo, 8 pages

1911 Surveying and Drawing Instruments catalogue

C F Casella & Co Ltd

Tall 8vo, 132 pages

Includes some unusual instruments and descriptions of their use

1954 Mathematical Drawing Instruments catalogue

Hall Harding Ltd

4to, 140 pages

Retailed Thornton, Harling, Stanley, Lee Guiness, Wild & Riefler instruments

Drawing Instruments Harper & Tunstall Ltd with June 1955 price list stapled in

8vo, 50 pages

Soft covers

Retailed Thornton, Harling, Lee Guiness & Allbrit instruments

Brown & Sharpe Small Tools Catalog No 33A


British edition

Small 8vo, 320 pages

Soft covers

Starrett Tools Catalog Number 24


British edition

8vo, 368 pages

Starrett First Edition Catalogue No 64


British edition

Large 8vo, 114 pages

Soft covers

L S Starrett Company Ltd

Jedburgh, Scotland

(new factory)

C Baker Surveying and Drawing Instruments catalogue.


4to, 104 pages

Soft covers

Reseller of instruments from a variety of makers

Gregory & Sutcliffe Ltd Engineering Equipment Tools and Materials Catalogue


Large 8vo, 320 pages

Hard covers

Cooke Troughton & Simms Ltd Equipment for Surveyors and Draughtsmen catalogue


8vo, 310 pages

Hard covers

Drawing instruments by Harling, Riefler & others

Norton & Gregory Ltd Catalogue


8vo, 220 pages

Hard covers

Surveying instruments, drawing instruments & materials, photo processes & apparatus, office stationery & furniture

Norton & Gregory Ltd

Diamond Instruments of Precision catalogue


Large 8vo, 24 pages

Stapled paper

Diamond series drawing instrunents