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I have only a small collection of lead holders at present. I seem to come across boxes of leads rather more frequently so I have illustrated some of the earlier ones that I have as well as some of the later ones and a sharpener..
A propelling pencil for Faber standard leads, dating from the early twentieth century.
Two early twist lock clutch pencils. The upper is a George Rowney & Co No. 745 “Kandahar”. The lower is an L & C Hardtmuth Austria No. 4.
Two clutch pencils by Staedtler, the upper one dating from the 1960s is operated by the button on the top. The lower one was made for Jackson Bros of Leeds (included in their set) and is a number 4, also number 570A, these details being printed on the wooden handle. It is of the twist lock type, probably c1930.
Boxes of leads by L&C Hardtmuth, Austria (Leads No 3 Series No 102 for Artist’s Pencils with moveable Leads) and Johann Faber (finest leads No 5 for the new Ever Pointed Pencils) Both boxes contained six leads. Circa 1900.
Box of ½ dozen A W Faber Siberian Leads H for New Patent Artist’s Pencils with moveable Leads, Made in Bavaria. Circa 1900.
From top to bottom:
Glass tube of 3H leads for the Chisilient Draughtsman’s Pencil.
Plastic box of two 2200 2B Koh-I-Nohr leads made in England.
Plastic box of 6 Staedtler Mars No 1922 leads.
Plastic box of Rexel 3H 1.80 leads
Sharpener for 2mm leads. These were not always required as some pencils had a sharpener in the push button which could be removed.
A W Faber Castell tin for 12 drawing pencils.
Staedtler Mars tin for 12 drawing pencils.
Two more Staedtler Mars - Technico 780 push button clutch pencils
Rexel No. 54 push button clutch pencils, British made, 1960s.
Ofrex No 454 thick lead push button clutch pencils, British made.
Ofrex No. 401 leads for No. 454 pencils
Faber Castell TK push button clutch pencil. This is a special one that takes ribbon leads that do not need sharpening.
The Chisilient twist lock clutch pencil.
Glass tubes of leads for the Chisilient pencil
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Fedra Constructor flat lead drawing pencil made in Germany by Fedra AG, Rudolf Bauer & Co, Hamburg 21. The original instructions are present in many languages and there are four tubes of spare H leads. The propelling mechanism is worked by turning the metal end cap.

Unsigned British railroad pencil for drawing parallel lines.